Factor Four and some new publications

2018 began with an acceptance to the first issue of Factor Four, a very promising new magazine. That was my 45th sale, 21st for an original story, 11th pro sale, 1st in 2018, and my 29th market. Also I reached the final round of consideration for New Myths — for the fourth time; I hope this time something will come out of it.

Also, a couple of January publications: My fourth story at Galaxy’s Edge (Frozen Moments, Stolen Out of Time) and my second at Bards and Sages Quarterly (High In The Sky.)




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Wrapping up 2017

My final 2017 acceptance was (once again) by AntipodeanSF, for the second outing of “You Can Always Change the Past.”

This way 2017 ended up without a new record for sales, but at least it tied up with 2016 at 18 sales, 7 of them for original stories (also a tie.) The first semester actually rocked with 13 sales, but the second semester saw only a paltry 5, and so the record was not broken.

At least I had a new record for pro sales (5 against 2016’s 4) as well as for publications (15 against 2016’s 12.)

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October, November

Another bimonthly post about my sales and publications:

  • October: A Human’s life published on Digital Fictions Pub’s QuickFic.
  • October: A Human’s life published on AntipodeanSF, too.
  • November: Daughter of the Sea published on AntipodeanSF.
  • November: The Longest Journey accepted by Havok.

That’s about it for now, hope for something more in December.

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August-ish sales and publications

Well, as much as I dread the task, I must finally post something. This should be six posts, actually, (two sales, three publications, one WOTF result) but I am squeezing it into one.

So here’s a summary of what I did in August (and a little September):

  • A 19-day acceptance for a story written for a Codex contest (my first Codex contest, and this is my first Codex contest story sale). Sixth sale to Galaxy’s Edge, 42nd sale overall, 16th in 2017, and 19th for an original story.
  • 41st sale was also during the summer, to Bards & Sages Quarterly, after two R&Rs and a total wait of 257 days during three submissions. All’s well that ends well, right?
  • My third story was published in AntipodeanSF, and, a month later, my fourth story was published in AntipodeanSF. Two more to go in October and November.
  • Another story was podcast in 600 Second Saga.
  • And I received a SHM from Writers of the Future. Well, I could do better than that, but at least it’s my first SHM.



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The Centropic Oracle

My Greek-themed story, Daughter of the Sea, originally published in Truancy and later included in Best Vegan SFF 2016, will be podcast by The Centropic Oracle. More news when there’s a publication date.

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Galaxy’s Edge (getting used to it)

And it’s a fifth acceptance by Galaxy’s Edge, the incredible magazine of Mike Resnick.

It seems I’m becoming a regular 🙂

After the mythological interlude, I’m back with a piece of SF flash. I like writing that stuff. I’ll always rather read fantasy epics, but flash is made for science fiction.

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Galaxy’s Edge goes fourth

Last week I had the nicest birthday present from Mike Resnick: an acceptance of my Greek myth mashup, Pandora Rising, to Galaxy’s Edge. I’ve been published in Galaxy’s Edge three times before, but only with flash; this will be my first full-length short story there. As I’ve just found out, I can now become an associate member of SFWA — although I’ll probably wait until I qualify for full membership to apply.

Funny coincidence: Believe it or not, as I’m reading the message and replying to Mike, my wife turns on the TV — and the show just happens to be a rendering of the myth of Pandora.

Fun facts (I love statistics!):
2nd sale in a couple of days
3rd sale in May
11th sale in 2017
37th lifetime sale (only counting short stories in English)
4th sale to Galaxy’s Edge
16th original story sale
10th pro-rates sale
4th sale to a SFWA-qualifying market

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