General Zirkon goes to QuickFic

One of my favorite flash pieces, General Zirkon’s Last Feelings, was accepted by Digital Fiction Pub’s QuickFic.

Fun statistics:

  • General Zirkon’s 2nd sale
  • my 3rd sale to QuickFic
  • my 4th sale in March
  • my 6th sale in 2017


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Event Horizon 2017 is here and now!

Event Horizon 2017 is available for downloads and will be so until July 15. Don’t be late, it won’t wait!

It’s free, and it’s packed with great stories by great writers — I won’t mention names, it’s practically everyone! I’m in too, with A Human’s Life.

By the way, I have 3 sales and 3 publications in March – 5 sales and 6 publications in 2017. Yay!


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Event Horizon – a new anthology for Campbell-eligible authors

I may have squeezed three posts into my last one, but I will need a fresh post just for this. It’s an announcement and a submission call for Event Horizon, the new”Campbellian” anthology for 2017. It’s run by Jake Kerr under his Quanta imprint and you can find the submission form at Submission deadline is March 10.

PS Please note that both the Campbell eligibility requirements and the book’s scope have changed since last year. It’s all explained in the form.

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March Madness

That’s a triple post, actually — as in the first day and a half of March I had no less than two publications and one sale.

The sale was a reprint to Digital Fiction Pub’s QuickFic, A Human’s Life.

The publications: a reprint in AntipodeanSF Issue 224 — Breathe, Little Greel — and my second appearance in Mike Resnick’s Galaxy’s Edge at Issue 25 with You Can Always Change the Past.

TOC-mates include fellow Codexians and/or forumites Tina Gower (aka Tina Smith), Samantha Murray, Andrea G. Stewart, Alex Shvartsman, and Yaroslav Barsukov, as well as “up-and-coming” new prodigies like Kevin J. Anderson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Robert Silverberg, and Robert A. Heinlein.

AntipodeanSF Issue 223


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Grievous Angel

My third 2017 publication: The Mirror in the Bathroom, my second published 100-word story, went up on the Grievous Angel website, together with Clear Skies, No Rain by Andrew Kozma.

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Podcast in StarShipSofa

My third podcast just went up in StarShipSofa No 472.

My first Galaxy’s Edge flash, A Human’s Life, joins Richard Johnson’s WOTF-winning story In Apprehension How Like a God.

My story is narrated by Kaushik Narasimhan.

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The Lane of Unusual Traders

An acceptance from Tiny Owl Workshop to the collaborative project The Lane of Unusual Traders. That’s great, because I’ve always wanted to be in the Lane.

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