Another one of my time travel stories, You Can Always Change the Past, is published once more — this time in Timeshift, a brand new anthology about time. Here’s the link for Amazon.

Timeshift: Tales of Time by [Baxter, Alan, Fomley, Eric S., Shvartsman, Alex, Anderson, Kevin J., Liu, Ken, Walker, Deborah, Silverberg, Robert, Resnick, Mike, Rambo, Cat, Afsharirad, David]

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One of my favorite time travel stories, Getting to Know You, is in this Month’s Antipodean SF (Issue 241). As usual, it’s free to read and free to download as an ebook. Here’s the link (valid for Issue 241 over August, then the new issue is up and you can find 241 in the archives).

AntipodeanSF Issue 241

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Martian Magazine

My drabble, The Mirror in the Bathroom, was published for a second time in less than a week. This time in Martian Magazine, a brand new web publication featuring drabbles. It was just the second drabble published there.

It was followed by an author spotlight featuring my interview.

Here are the links:

The Mirror in the Bathroom

Author spotlight

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Author Spotlight: George Nikolopoulos


Which author is your biggest inspiration?

George Nikolopoulos-Photo

Over the years I’ve been inspired by many authors. In my early high school days my biggest inspiration was Anatole France, and, after I started reading SF, Ursula K. Le Guin. Later it was Douglas Adams, J.R.R. Tolkien, Roger Zelazny, among many others. Currently I’m hooked on George R.R. Martin.

What’s your favorite science fiction short story, book, movie?

That’s another very hard one. I’ll just try to pick one of each, otherwise I’ll have to write an essay. So, here goes: Sentry (by Fredric Brown), The Left Hand of Darkness (by Ursula K. LeGuin), Inception (by Christopher Nolan).

What advantages do you think flash fiction has to offer you as a writer?

I wasn’t keen on writing flash at first, but it grew on me and now I’ve become attuned to it. Also, it seems that many people love…

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Galaxy’s Edge Issue 33

The new Galaxy’s Edge issue is out there, and it’s the third one in 2018 to contain my stories. This one includes Pandora Rising, one of my rare Greek mythology takes.

Also, stories by Orson Scott Card, Robert Silverberg, K. K. Rusch and Nancy Kress, as well as my colleagues R. K. Nickel, Gerri Leen, Rebecca Birch, Deborah L. Davitt, Larry Hodges, Floris M. Kleijne and D. A. Xiaolin Spires.


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Drabbledark is officially out. The paperback is available to buy, and the ebook is available to pre-order.


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Story Bundle

It seems that I’m in a story bundle, too. No, really.

It’s the 2018 Military SF Storybundle, and I’m in because I’m in The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF which is a part of the bundle.

As I’m really terrible in promoting anything, I’ll just direct you to Kevin J. Anderson’s blog post (KJA is actually the bundle’s curator) and the StoryBundle post. I’ll just note that a portion of the proceeds goes directly to help the Challenger Learning Center, and the bundle is just for three weeks — so hurry!

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