Five Minutes in Hotel Stormcove

My story will be in the lovely new anthology “Five Minutes in Hotel Stormcove” by Atthis Arts.

The story is “The Ghost Who Haunted Her”, a love story between a ghost and a robot paranormal investigator.

My ongoing stats: 80 total sales, 65 international (not counting my old Greek ones) in 39 different markets, 31 original, 19 pro.

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Sins and Other Worlds

Sins and Other Worlds by [Fomley, Eric, Silverberg, Robert, Resnick, Mike, Shvartsman, Alex, Liu, Ken, Smith, Douglas, Baxter, Alan, Choi, Eric, King, Michelle]

Sins and Other Worlds is a dark Science Fiction short story anthology comprised of reprint stories from 30 talented authors. The stories range from deep space, alien planets, alternate realities and beyond. Most stories within are flash fiction interspersed with several longer works from both emerging authors and titans in the field. The anthology collects some of the best dark sci-fi in recent memory.

Sins and Other Worlds ToC (Ordered by Author Name)

Alex Shvartsman – The Far Side of the Wilderness

Alan Baxter – Once Was Lost

Christi Nogle – A Fully Chameleonic Foil

Christina Sng – The Assassin Program

Dennis Mombauer – The Dust Bathynaut

Douglas Smith – Nothing

Ed Ahern – The Service Call

Eric Choi – Most Valuable Player

George Nikolopoulos – The Sin of Envy

Gerri Leen – Floating in My Tin Can

Gregg Chamberlain – Apocalypse Beta Test Survey

Henry Szabranski – In The Maze Of His Infinities

Holly Schofield – Tough Crowd

James Dorr – The Cyclops

Jeremy Szal – When There’s Only Dust Left

Jez Patterson – Between Two Distant Shores There Lies Space For an Ocean of Troubles

John Dromey – Death, Where Is Thy Sting

Ken Liu – The Plague

Kevin J. Anderson – Job Qualifications

Laird Long – The Last Racist

Liam Hogan – Remembrance Day

Lina Rather – Last Long Night

Michelle Ann King – God State

Mike Murphy – About Time

Mike Resnick & Lezli Robyn – Benchwarmer

Rhonda Eikamp – Angels Behaving Badly

Robert Silverberg – Flies

Russell Hemmell – Tugship

Vaughan Stanger – The Eye Patch Protocol

Wendy Nikel – Memory Ward

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My January Sales

I sold a story on New Year’s Day in fact. “The Sacred Order of the Guardians of the Last Door” is another of my funny stories to sell — this one to On Spec. It involves silent monks, tap dancing, and the end of the world through a broom cupboard.

It was also my 30th original sale.

Later I had another acceptance of a Galaxy’s Edge story to AntipodeanSF. This time it was “The Sin of Envy”, a short tale of sinful androids.


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Crickets in December

Crickets in December, so far. Makes for a nice title, at least. In lack of anything else to report, I’ll just mention that “Frozen Moments, Stolen Out of Time” will be published as a reprint in Antipodean SF. It’s actually my fourth Galaxy’s Edge story to be published in Antipodean SF.

In a more festive mood, Happy Holidays everyone!

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Bad Dream Entertainment

My third original sale in November is for a funny ghost story that was accepted to the — still untitled — Bad Dream Entertainment Horror/Humor Anthology. This seems to be very interesting and I’m looking forward to the publication.

Submissions are still open by the way, so if you’re interested here’s the submissions link:

For the record, here’s my current stats:
2018: 19 sales-9 original-8 pro
All-time: 76 sales-29 original-18 pro

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On Spec

A very exciting new sale for me, for several reasons.

Up until now the longest story I ever sold was 2500 words (and to be frank, I very rarely sell stories longer than 1000 words.) Well, that’s a whopping behemoth of 5850 words! Yeah, you may laugh, but some day I’m even going to write a novel.

Also, it’s a story I love and I’d been trying to sell forever, and it’s a new market for me, the lovely Canadian magazine On Spec. Here’s the current issue (I’m not in there, just posting it to get the feel.)

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Galaxy’s Edge IX

After quite some time, here’s my 9th sale to Galaxy’s Edge, for another 500-word piece (I seem to be selling quite a few of them recently, mostly to Galaxy’s Edge.)

Anyway, that was my 74th sale, 27th for an original story, 17th pro.

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