The Gruff Variations

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The stories and poetry in this anthology were all inspired by the legend of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. But you won’t just find goats and trolls in here. You’ll also find xenoarchaeologists hunting a legendary burial ground, a harried troll who wants nothing more than peace and quiet, star-traveling cities in search of resources, a cloaked warrior of prophecy, an honest politician, princesses on vacation, interstellar probes, superheroes (and villains), cursed princes, necromancers, fairies, bikers, aliens, violinists… the list goes on.

Contributors to this anthology include New York Times best-selling author Shannon Hale, award-winning children’s picture book author Rick Walton, Hugo Award winner (and Nebula Award nominee) Mary Robinette Kowal, Edgar Award finalist Dene Low, Nebula Award nominees Brad R. Torgersen and Nancy Fulda, and many other authors such as Kristen Landon, Lisa Mangum, Kristyn Crow, Clint Johnson, and Dean Hale. Nebula Award Winner Eric James Stone edited the anthology.

Full table of contents:

“The Three Billion Goats Gruff: A Bulrovian Tale: Part I” — Rick Walton
“A Starscape Slightly Askew” — Nancy Fulda
“Touch of Power” — Erik Peterson
“Haiku: The First Goat” — Shannon Hale
“Bigger Than You Think” — Dan Wells
“A Princess Predicament” — Danielle Christensen
“Cold and Hungry” — Bret Carter
“Trip, Trap, Tripping” — Mary Robinette Kowal
“The Ladies Billet-Gruffin” — Jenel Cope
“The Three Billion Goats Gruff: A Bulrovian Tale: Part LXII” — Rick Walton
“Gruff Riders” — Martin L. Shoemaker
“Bridges Dark and Distant” — William Ledbetter
“The Three Princes of Grufflan” — Danyelle Leafty
“The Troll by the Footbridge: A Study in Four Parts” — Janet Kay Jensen
“The Deposition of Harald Throckmorton, Esquire, the Troll beneath the Bridge” — Clint Johnson
“The Wicker Warrior” — Joseph Zieja
“The Necromancer’s Sons” — C.A. Lyons
“The Three Billion Goats Gruff: A Bulrovian Tale: Part CXIII” — Rick Walton
“Sheep Dog” — Brad R. Torgersen
“Haiku: The Second Goat” — Shannon Hale
“A Tale Of Two Billies And A Troll” — George Nikolopoulos
“Primary” — Cary B. Bishop
“The Chili Stoat Bluff” — Emma Nelson
“Gruffs in Debt” — Kristen Landon
“A Mean, Mean Billy Gruff” — Kristyn Crow
“Bridge to the Meadow” — Mandi Ellsworth
“Indigestion” — M.K. Hutchins
“The Three Billion Goats Gruff: A Bulrovian Tale: Part CCCIV” — Rick Walton
“The Three Brother Cities” — Deborah Walker
“Haiku: The Third Goat” — Shannon Hale
“Sold Out” — Lisa Mangum
“Gruff Noir” — Dene Low
“The Third Goat” — Dean Hale
“Three Billy Goats Who C Sharp: A Norwegian Folktale” — Jared E. Stoddard
“The Three Deaths of Devin Ochre” — Juliana Montgomery
“A Gift Freely Offered” — Nikki Trionfo
“The Three Billion Goats Gruff: A Bulrovian Tale: Part CCCXXXIV” — Rick Walton


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