Galaxy’s Edge goes fourth

Last week I had the nicest birthday present from Mike Resnick: an acceptance of my Greek myth mashup, Pandora Rising, to Galaxy’s Edge. I’ve been published in Galaxy’s Edge three times before, but only with flash; this will be my first full-length short story there. As I’ve just found out, I can now become an associate member of SFWA — although I’ll probably wait until I qualify for full membership to apply.

Funny coincidence: Believe it or not, as I’m reading the message and replying to Mike, my wife turns on the TV — and the show just happens to be a rendering of the myth of Pandora.

Fun facts (I love statistics!):
2nd sale in a couple of days
3rd sale in May
11th sale in 2017
37th lifetime sale (only counting short stories in English)
4th sale to Galaxy’s Edge
16th original story sale
10th pro-rates sale
4th sale to a SFWA-qualifying market

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