Helios Quarterly Vol. 1, Issue 2

Helios Quarterly Vol. 1, Issue 2 — containing my drabble, Prisoner in Stone — is out and about:

Mythology and murder collide at sea. An otherworldly planet too close to the Garden of Eden. Mechanical hearts and synthetic skin. Welcome to Helios Quarterly Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 2 filled with strange secrets and hidden wisdom.

Helios Quarterly Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2 ePub/mobi/PDF edition. Theme: RE_ACTED

Contains eight poems, fourteen works of fiction (including one crossword puzzle), seven photos, and four pieces of art.


“Near the sun is the center of the universe” – Nicolaus Copernicus

Vol. 1, Issue 002 (Theme: RE_ACTED)

Cover Art:

Zombie robots of DOOM by Devin Francisco

Editor’s Corner:

Our Secrets by Elizabeth O. Smith


Prey by Ron Sanders

Cheese by James Keen (toeken)

Something Ravaged, Something Red and The Beast Within by Shikhar Dixit


Golden Dawn by Robert Beveridge (15 Lines)

Che(mother)apy by Nicole Melchionda (18 Lines)

One Oscillating Thread by Nicole Melchionda (19 Lines)

A Pillowcase of Poe by Zev Lawson Edwards (20 Lines)

The Forlorn Creature’s Lament by J. J. Steinfeld (22 Lines)

A Lifetime of Headlines and Confusion by J. J. Steinfeld (26 Lines)

Positronic Dreams by Greg Beatty (34 Lines)

Fimbulheart by Jennifer Crow (39 Lines)


Imperfect Solution by Marie DesJardin (962) + Interview


Prisoner in Stone by George Nikolopoulos (100)

The rabbit that wasn’t there by B. Anne Adriaens (540)

Witness Interview #54678 by Sim Bajwa (734)

Thok by Nicholas Stillman (940)

Fossil Fuel by Van Alrik (947)

Girl in the Woods by A.P. Sessler (1164 + Crossword Puzzle)

And We Shall Inherit the Sea by H.L. Fullerton (1207)

Prospectors by J.M. Kerr (1499)

Jutland by David Rae (1500)

The Migration by Dean Brink (1500)

Imperceptible by Shane Fraser (1630)

How the Dun-In Man Got His Name by Stephen Scott Whitaker (3496) (Part 2 of 2)


Spotlight: Louis Rakovich


As the crow flies and Tveir by Martina Rigoli

Naturae, The Crow, Beware The Rabbit, The Animals II, and Psychosis by Kaia Pieters (TheFoxAndTheRaven)

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