June, and a little July

I need to recap my writerly goings-on of the last month-and-a-half, because writing it down is the only way to take it in.

First, four more acceptances, bringing the tally to ten for 2016. A reprint to AntipodeanSF, an original to Galaxy’s Edge (major breakthrough in a professional magazine), an original to Truancy (my first publication-to-be in Malaysia), and a reprint to Digital QuickFic.

Also, two of my stories are being held for final consideration in prestigious markets (no need to reveal more information right now, as many of my stories have been held for final consideration in various markets and they were not accepted. Maybe umpteenth time’s the charm.)

I wouldn’t normally mention personal rejections, because they’re mostly just rejections, but I had a rather nice one from Daily Science Fiction, so I’ll throw this in too. Not that it made me happy, but at least it didn’t annoy me.

Then there’s Greek poetry again. As I’ve already mentioned, last week I unexpectedly received by post a printed anthology of awarded works from a literary competition where I’d won second place with a pantoum poem some five years ago.

I was also invited twice to read my poems in poetry festivals. It’s nice to know that, just like the North, Poetry remembers.

Last but not least, we went to Rio (not the de Janeiro one, unfortunately) because Artemis “Diana” Vazirgiantziki, fellow poet and wife, was finally introduced at the University of Patras’ 35th Poetry Symposium. Another chance to spend some time with poet friends.

So it would seem that I’m still on the right track. I hope the trend continues.

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