Clash of the Titles

I’m pleased to announce a sale to a great new anthology, Clash of the Titles, edited by Gil Bavel.

The anthology’s Facebook page

A new anthology of science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk, supernatural horror and more, coming out at WorldCon 2016 MidAmeriCon. It’s a unique idea; a community of writers were invited to claim a title from a list and write a short story, poem or commentary. New writers are rubbing shoulders with old hands writing all-new, original stories. Here’s a taster of the table of contents, not by any means complete:
Paul Levinson–Slipping Time
Mike Resnick–Fastest Dragon
Brian Trent–Vicious Cycle of Life
Adam Bolivar–An Ancient Tomb A-Yonder Lies
Alex Shvartsman–Blood Drive
Bob Vardeman–Mach 5
George Nikolopoulos–An Itinerant in Carcosa
Erica Allaire–Do you Feel Like Calamari Tonight?
Joe Oclon–Faster than Light
Jamie Earhart–Making the Grade
Keith Graham–Into Her Own
James Stegall–Down and Out in Paris, Texas
Hope Erica Shultz–I’ve got a Black Hole in Aisle 9
Deborah Walker (As Kelda Crich)–Night of the Vrykolakas
David Gerrold–Commentary
–And Counting!

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