On what I am expecting and what I am writing

I have a notion that I should post to the blog whenever I have something important to announce, like a publication. Of course that’s quite the contrary to the popular view that you should post in the blog daily and about whatever comes to mind. So I thought I’d just post something here  instead of the forum, for a change.

I have fifteen pieces pending responce in Duotrope at the moment. Highlights are my 139-day at Abyss&Apex, which has become an epic wait. Anyday soon, I say, but I’ve been saying it for more than a month…

Also I think that before the end of October we’ll see results in Dali-ances anthology, and I have a good feeling about this piece.

Then it’s high time we had some results in Q3 (of you-know-what…) Of course the first rounds should probably be straight R’s so I’d rather not be included, but anyway, results are due to start coming.

Apart from that, I don’t expect anything else soon — if something else comes so early it would probably be a  rejection so it should better not come yet.

As for what I’m writing now:

  • a short story for Dreaming of Djinn, a Ticonderoga anthology of “romantic orientalism”, due on October the 15th
  • a “cloak & dagger” story for Crossed Genres, due on October 31st
  • a fantasy adventure set in a secondary-world setting
  • three very short stories (or even flash fiction) that will be adaptations of my Greek stories
  • three recently rejected stories that will be very heavily rewritten and modified
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